Church Records

Baptism Records at St James the Less Church and other churches
in Baltimore Maryland USA

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If you see a record without church name, it has estimate birth or marriage date
Years 1840 - 1859   

Years 1860 - 1869  

Years 1870 - 1879 

Years 1880 - 1889  

Years 1890 - 1899  

Baptism Register by Last Name  

Marriage Records at St James the Less Church
in Baltimore Maryland USA

Years 1840 - 1859 

Years 1860 - 1879 

Years 1880 - 1899  

Years 1900 - 1919  

Years 1920 - 1939  

Years 1940 - 1960  

Marriage Register by Married Year  

Marriage Register by Groom's Last Name  

Marriage Register by Bride's Last Name   

Death Records at St James the Less and St Alphonsus
in Baltimore Maryland USA

Death Registers

Records at other Churches
in Baltimore Maryland USA

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St James the Less Church documents

St James the Less Players Performance

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