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Sudsburg Family History

Family Facts

Descendants of William Brennan

Descendants of Henry Frauz and Henrietta Gruenger
Descendants of John T and Catherine Gonce
Descendants of Martin Hanrahan and Eleanor Scallion
Descendants of Charles Kresse and Helena Ziegelhofer
Descendants of James McLain and Clarissa
Descendants of Matthew Doyle and Catherine
Descendants of Jack Doyle
Descendants of Christian Gansert Mary Elizabeth
Descendants of Jonathan McNamee

Descendants of Ulrich Eckman

Family Facts

Descendants of Peter Von Sudsburg and Clarissa Weaver
Descendants of Louis J Sudsburg and Margaret Wurtzer
Descendants of Joseph Augustus Sudsburg and Margaret Daesch, Anne Laura Weaver and Virginia Somersville
Descendants of William P Sudsburg and Alice Hanrahan
Descendants of Randolph Edward Sudsburg and Louisa Ellerbrock
Descendants of Daniel Cullen and Mary Sudsburg
Descendants of Antone Wurtzer and Louisa Pentz
Descendants of Charles Gerhold and Mary

Civil War History and Records

Civil War History Links
Civil War records from Military Records
Letter to Pension Office by Louis J Sudsburg
Helena Ziegelhoffer Sudsburg Pension Law Senate S4638 Act granting a pension to Helena Sudsburg June 3, 1902
Cover Page
Chapter 1004
Senate, Committee on Pensions, 57th Congress, 1st Session, Report NO. 1211 April 22, 1902
House of Representative, Committee on Invalid Pensions, 57th Congress, 1st Session Report NO 2142 May 20, 1902

Joseph Martin's personal history

Joseph Martin Sudsburg's Passport (Joseph M Sudsperger)
Joseph Martin Sudsburg's Passport (other sides) (Joseph M Sudsperger)
Joseph Martin Sudsburg and Jane Maria Rankin's Mortgage (access fee required)
Biography of Joseph Martin Sudsburg by Mikey Graziano
Biography of Joseph Martin Sudsburg
Made City Hall Doors
Coat of Arms Von Sudsburg History

Joseph Martin Sudsburg

Joseph Martin
Mahogany Carvings Photo
Mahogany Carvings Photo
Mahogany Carvings Photo

Joseph Augustus Sudsburg

Clarance Weaver
McLain Family

Sudsburg Family


Cemeteries and Monuments

Tombstones II


Diploma of Lambertus Epping at Zeevaartschool in Veendam Holland/Netherland

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